3 Videos About The Periodic Table That Your Students Must Watch


The Periodic Table of Elements is one of the main components of Chemistry and a thorough knowledge of the table and all the elements is always good to have. Watch these 3 fun videos to know all about the Periodic Table and the person most associated with it, Dmitri Mendeleev.

1. The New Periodic Table Song –  This fun song takes you through all the elements of the Periodic Table, making sure that somehow or the other, everything rhymes. One can only imagine the amount of thought that must have gone into rhyming everything and then learning to sing it! By the end of the song, you will definitely find yourself humming along.

2. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table – This cutely illustrated video details why exactly Dmitri Mendeleev is so revered among all scientists. He did not create the Periodic Table and nor did he group the elements together according to their properties. However he did predict the existence of quite a few elements, down to their properties and atomic weight, simply because he understood the nature of elements so well!

3. The Periodic Table – This video from the YouTube channel CrashCourse defines the Periodic Table as one of Chemistry’s greatest achievements, which it is indeed. But how did it come to be? And was Dmitri Mendeleev’s contribution to the Periodic Table. This video tells you all about that.

If you watched these videos in class, then do let us know what was the response to them!


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