3 Science Videos for 4th Grade


Teach your students about basics of science by showing them these 3 fun and educational videos!

1. Where Does Our Food Come From?

This video, originally a segment on the popular American children’s show, Sesame Street, should give your students a good idea of where the food that we eat comes from.

Video Credit: Sesame Street

2. The Solar System

This fun rap about the planets is definitely a must watch for your students. In the space of two minutes they will learn all about the planets in the solar system and as well as the features that make them unique.

Video Credit: Story Bots

3. How Do Plants Grow

This cute animated video will teach your students how plants grow and what do plants need in order to grow well.

Video Credit: HooplaKidzTV

We hope these videos were useful to you! If you have any video recommendations for us and other teachers, please do share them with us in the comments section below!


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