3 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Sir Ken Robinsons’s 2006 TED Talk


Do schools kill creativity? According to Sir Ken Robinson, the answer is yes. Robinson is an author, a speaker, and an international expert on education. This talk at TED conference made during 2006 is one of TED Talks most watched videos of all time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch this video too.

1. Did you ever give thought to how the current academic system in place works? Schools the world over tend to place more focus on the sciences. After the sciences, come the humanities and after the humanities come the arts. As Robinson says, even among the arts, there exists a hierarchy. Don’t you think this cause a sort of lop-sided development. That is exactly what Robinson is saying! That we educate children only from the waist up, not the waist down.

2. Ideally, education is meant to be an organic process. All the education books in the world talk at length about learning is something that should happen organically and in an ideal setting. One quick look at most schools tells you that, that is not the case. You know Robinson is onto something when he talks about the fact that education has become a mechanical process rather than an organic one.

3. The idea behind educating our children is not wrong. We are all preparing them for the future. However,  what sort of future are we preparing them for? That is question Robinson wants you to ask yourself.

Feel too lazy to watch the video? No problem. Go ahead and check out this fun comic adaption of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk, made by Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils instead.


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