3 Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas


As Christmas draws to a close, all classrooms are going through the process of decking up. But for whatever reason, you couldn’t do your decorations on time and have only a day or so to finish them up.

So what can you do in a day? Don’t worry, because at The Teachers Digest have your back. We’ve curated a list of classroom decorations that you can make swiftly and at next to no cost. If you need a little extra jazz, then sprinkle some glitter on all of these decorations so that they can make your classroom sparkle!

1. A Tooth Brush Christmas Wreath

Materials required: Old toothbrush, green paint, a white sheet of chart paper

All you need to do is dip the toothbrush in the green paint (diluted) and press it onto the paper. Make sure that you press the dipped toothbrush on the paper in a circular manner. Remember to tack a bow on at the end of the wreath so that it looks festive.

2. A Paper Plate Santa

Materials required: Paper plates, cotton balls, black market, red chart paper and glue.

On the paper plate, glue the cotton ball all round so that it resembles a beard and hair. In the remaining space in the centre, make two dots for eyes, and a small smile. Using the chart paper, cut out a conical shape, and paste it on the back of the paper plate. That becomes Santa’s hat. Make as many of these as you want, they are fuss-free and don’t take up much time to make!

3. A Ribbon Twig Christmas Tree

Materials Required: Green ribbons of various sizes and a sturdy twig.

Ribbon twig Christmas trees are pretty simple to make. All you need to do is tie them around the twig, with the longest ribbons being at the bottom and the smallest ones on the top. You can then tape these Christmas trees around the classroom!


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