3 History Videos To Watch With Your 12th Graders


History no matter how interesting, can get a little dry sometimes. These three videos ( which have nice graphics and cool information tidbits as well) should make for a nice change of pace for your students.

1. The Indus Valley Civilization – This Crash Course video (by acclaimed author John Green) will give your students an in-depth look in to the Indus Valley Civilization. In the span of 10 minutes, Green covers the conditions in which the civilization began, its many features, its eventual downfall  and the reasons for it.

2. The History of Buddhism – While this video leaves out a few concepts related to Buddhist architecture, it still provides an intensive look at the origins of Buddhism, the aspects of Hinduism that led to Buddhism and the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, in relation to Buddhism and war.

3. The Dark Ages – While this video is not India-centric, your students should definitely  find it interesting because the author offers viewers a look at Europe during the 14 and 15th century.

If you are interesting in more videos of this kind, do check out the YouTube channel Crash Course!


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