20 Things Teachers Wish They Could Say Out Loud


Teachers come across students of several different age groups in their entire teaching career. However, all teachers are not the same, they have their own different style of teaching and dealing with challenges in their classrooms. There are many things most teachers wish they could say out loud but could not.

Here’s a glimpse of what teachers really wish they could say out loud!

To Parents:

1. Grades aren’t candies; your child has to earn them.


2. It’s okay for children to fail. Failure is an inescapable fact and children need to know how it feels.


3. Unless you have a teaching degree, don’t tell us that you know more about good instruction than we do.

dont teach us

4. Your child may be your center of universe, but I have to share mine with 40 others.


5. Don’t tell us things like this: “Well, he doesn’t do this at home”.

My child

6. The curriculum is not up to us and yes, we too hate it sometimes.


7. Sorry – your kid is just lazy.


8. Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom and has started digging!


Dear Policymakers, Principals & Administrators:

9. Leave us alone and just let us teach!

Please leave me alon

10. I am an individual and I have only two hands!

two hands

11. To the Principal (At the teachers Meet): I don’t have the energy to pretend I like you today!


12. Don’t tell us to leave politics out of the classroom.


To Everyone:

13. The Principal’s office is still a scary place.


14. I didn’t become a teacher just for summer vacations.


15. No one should become an administrator until they’ve taught for at least a decade


16. The truth is that we are underpaid, overworked and often disrespected!

truth is


17. A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.


To students

18. No I’m not annoyed! I’m just rolling my eyes and speaking in a condescending tone, because you are an excellent student who does not need to study or even attend school.


19. Get out of my class and never come back!



To Family:

20. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have normal sleeping patterns!


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