15 Different Kinds of Teachers You Will Meet At School


Please note, this is a tongue-in-cheek article.

Stereotypes of people exist because they are true, to a certain extent. Just like there are certain kinds of students you will see in every classroom, similarly there are certain kinds of teachers you will see in every school you attend.

1. The Teacher Who is Perpetually Angry


There is always this one teacher at school who makes you quake in your pants whenever you see them. You don’t know why this teacher is so angry, you just know that you need to always stay on their good side because if they became any more angrier, they would turn into the Hulk.

2. The Teacher Who Gives You Notes Faster Than The Speed of Light


This teacher always has a ton of stuff to say, all of which he/she hints is going to show up in the exams so during their class, you always take copious notes, that too at the speed of light so that by the end of class, when you look at your book, all you see is incomprehensible scribbles. And to add to your misery, your wrist and fingers hurt too.

3. The Teacher Who Is Strict But Unexpectedly Fun Too


Sure, when this teacher yells at you or tells you off, you want to burst into tears but the very same teacher is the best person to go on picnics and trips with because they make you laugh, buy you ice-creams and cool-drinks and generally seem like a whole different person outside of school.

4. The Teacher Whose Brilliance Is Intimidating


Some teachers are so brilliant at what they do; you wonder why they teach at school. According to you, they probably should be in a research facility and win plenty of prizes. When they teach, you can’t seem to understand a thing but you reverently listen anyways and always speak of them with awe in your voice.

5. The Teacher Who Dresses Like They Are Modeling


Most teachers dress in saris or salwar kameez but there is always that one teacher who looks like they stepped out of a fashion photoshoot. Everything about them is colour coordinated right down to the colour on their toenails. Sometimes, you wonder how much time they spend on dressing alone and sometimes you feel bad because they look so colourful and co-ordinated and you look so sober and boring in your regulated school uniform.

6. The Teacher Who Gives You Plenty of Free Periods


There is always that one teacher who always has plenty of other stuff to do other than teaching. Or maybe he/she is not interested in teaching at all. Either way, good for you because you get plenty of free periods, except at the end of the term when he/she has to scramble to finish portions. But either way, its all good.

7. The English Teacher Who Only Breathes Literature


This English lives, breathes and talks literature only. She teaches lessons in a voice filled with emotion, she passionately exhorts you to appreciate the author’s effort, and she always expects you to give 100% in her exams. You may not like her but she makes you appreciate the subject in a way that no one ever has.

8. The Teacher Whose Voice Is Drier Than The Sahara


Some teachers are gifted with voices that are melodious and vary in tone. Some teachers are not. These unfortunate teachers may have a lot to say but because their tone of voice never varies through the 40-minute period, you tend to doze off after the first 10 minutes of trying hard to pay attention. It’s not them. Its their voice.

9. The Class Teacher Who Has Eyes At The Back of Her Head


No matter how well you think you are hiding food, story books or phones under your desk, this class teacher always manages to sniff you out. She can call you out even when she’s not looking at you! Sometimes you wonder if she is more witch than teacher.

1o. The Teacher Who Makes You Wonder Why She Is A Teacher


Regardless of the subject this teacher teaches, her teaching skills or lack of them make you wonder why she even wants to teach in the first place. Neither is she interested in teaching the subject and nor are you interested in listening to her fumble through the lesson.

11. The Teacher Who Is Perpetually Scatty


Some teachers are brilliant but scatty. They can reel off formulae, theories and definitions but when it comes to remembering where their glasses are (on their head), where the assignments are ( on another teacher’s desk), they can’t for life of them remember. You love them and the way the teach but their scattiness sometimes drives you up the wall.

12. The Teacher Who Forgets She Is No Longer Teaching Kindergarten


This teacher has made the transition to teaching high school after years of teaching kindergarten. As a result, she sometimes forgets that’s she’s addressing teenagers, not toddlers. She always makes you feel good though, when she gives you a gold star for completed homework and a sticker for good behaviour.

13. The Music Teacher Who Is So Cool


This music teacher is so cool; you wonder why she isn’t a rock star or something. Her classes are fun and interesting, she teaches you a lot of cool songs and interesting tidbits about artists and you wonder why music can’t be one of your main subjects instead of other boring ones like math and physics and history.

14. The P.T Teacher Who Must Have Once Been In The Military


This P.T teacher does not speak. They bark out orders instead and expect you to march in line and salute at perfect right angles. The days leading up to sports day practice are always torture because of the amount of times you have to march up and down in the boiling sun. But when they give you a look of pride, as you march in a perfect line, you can’t help but feel pleased at all the grueling practice that has paid off.

15. The Teacher Who You Want To Be When You Grow Up


Regardless of the subject this teacher teaches, you adore them. You love the way they teach, the way they conduct themselves and you hope that when you grow up, if you are even half as awesome as them, then you have made it.


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