11 Reasons Why You Rock As A Teacher


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your school? Well, in my case it is “teachers.” Can you imagine your childhood and school days without teachers? Teachers might be strict, kind, boring, strange, serious or overly sensitive but at some points of time in our lives, all of us need a teacher, to guide us, to help us and to make us realize how much better we can perform.

This article is to appreciate and celebrate all teachers out there who do their best to make their students better individuals and change their lives without expecting anything return. A very Happy Teacher’s Day to you!

Here are 11 reasons why teachers rock!

Teach, inspire and motivate

Teach, inspire and motivate

1. Teaching Is One Of The Most Important Jobs That Exist

Teaching is one of the most important and challenging jobs that exist. Teaching might seem an easy career for many people but only teachers know the challenges they face. Teachers have to take care of a bunch of students, each with a different personality and make them better individuals and not even expect a thank you in return. Teachers are expected to go through their students’ class-work, home-work and correct their test papers over night and still come to work with a smile on their faces and a skip in their steps. For all that they do, teachers hardly receive  the fame and adulation that athletes and actors do.

'The bad guy'

‘The bad guy’

2. Teachers Are Not Afraid Of Being The Bad Guy

Teachers handle about fifty to sixty students daily and are expected to teach these students how to behave and make them learn and much more. Teachers also need to ensure that their students are not undiscplined, so at times they have to be ‘the bad guy’ and punish students on disciplinary grounds. Personally most teachers do not like punishing kids, but they become ‘the bad guy’ because they know that someone has to teach children about the things that matter. They are like Batman in that respect.

Teacher worried about paper-work

Teacher worried about paper-work

3. Teachers Smile Even If They Have Stacks Of Papers To Grade

Thinking of my teachers at school, I wonder how they started each class with a pleasant smile, as if it were the first class of that day. Despite having so much home-work and class-work to assess, teachers smile and start each class with a smile and an energetic manners so that their students will be invested in their lessons.

Teacher at work

Teacher at work

4. Teachers Can Make Multiple Decisions In A Minute

Teachers rock because they make 120 decisions in a minute; they are helping students with their reading problems, they are listening to their students’ complaints and at the same time assessing students’ home-work and filling out a million forms in triplicate! Teachers have many responsibilities and tasks that they are expected to complete on time, this makes teachers capable of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Honestly, teachers are the best multitaskers that exist.

Happy student

Happy student

5. Teachers Always Make Students Feel Special About Themselves

Students see themselves through their teacher’s eyes. To sum up, students rely on their teacher to decide what their personality is. Every student wants his/her teacher to see them and appreciate them. Teachers can make their students feel fantastic, just with a few words, a small gesture or a big smile.

6. Teachers Come Up With Creative Solutions To Problems

When in a pinch, you can always count on a teacher to come up with a creative solution to a problem. Need some art materials but have no art materials, no problems, your teacher will show you what you can do with every day materials lying around. Need to create a skit in a short period of time? Ask your teacher, she probably knows of some short plays you can do without much practice? Forgot your books for the day? Well, she is angry with you but don’t worry, she has a back-up for the day! These are only few of the things that I remember my teachers being able to do. I am sure if you think about all the things your teachers did, you would be awed too!

Teacher with a creative lesson plan

Teacher with a creative lesson plan

7. Teachers Constantly Come Up With New Ideas And Lesson Plans

Teachers always try to come up with ideas to make their class interesting and exciting. Teachers frequently change their lesson plans in order to suit their student’s requirements. When they know that some children in their class are lagging behind, they do go to great lengths to help them, sometimes completely redoing their lesson in a different manner. Teacher do a lot of hardwork to ensure that their students learn. And they carry  on doing this indefatigably, regardless of how enthusiastic their students feel.

Injecting humor into class

Injecting humor into class

8. Teachers Know When To Inject Humor Into Their Class

During a class, a teacher wants his students to remain silent and involve themselves in learning. But sometimes the same teaching style can make a classroom’s environment  boring. In such situations students may lose interest in learning. However good teachers always know when they need to keep the lesson serious and when they need to make it fun. All lessons cannot be serious and all lessons cannot be fun. But teachers always know how to strike a balance between the two!

A happy student

A happy student

9. Teachers Make Huge Difference In Their Students’ Lives

Teachers play an integral part in the lives of children. All they want is their students to do well, to pass out with flying colors and to be well situated. They try their level best to help all the students in their class, regardless of the numbers that are there. They are not always able to, but it is not because of a lack of trying. The best teachers always do as much as they can, as much as it is humanly possible to help everyone in the class.

Teacher helping her student

Teacher helping her student

10. Teachers Go Above And Beyond To Help Their Students,

Teachers feel themselves responsible for their students’ performance, so they go above and beyond to get the best out of their students. Even if it means spending nights burning the midnight oil in preparing for next day’s lesson, teachers do it because they know they have a duty to their students.

You are more than just a teacher

Teachers are more than just teachers

11. Teachers Are More Than Just Teachers

Teaching is not the only responsibility of a teacher. Teachers are always there to listen, to offer a shoulder to cry on, arms held out ready for a hug. When students feel everyone is against them, they know that they can always go to their teacher with their problems. Teachers rock because apart from being teachers they also act as mentors, counselors and also as surrogate parents when their students need them.

Why do you think teachers rock? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments section below!


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  1. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    Nice article which showcased the other side of coin. Teachers do many things to improve their students in all respects without expecting any thing in return, I salute for their commitment and dedication .

  2. Muhammed Muzammil Ashraful Basha on

    Thank you, Rohia, for sharing this article. Truly, this article reminds me of all the teachers in my life, esp few who are special. Yes, indeed the first thing reminds of School is all about Teachers,

    Standing salute to all my teachers..

    And, personally thanking you, for your kindness and for the great work.. in few lines YOU made the difference..
    Cheers :)

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