10 Types of Students You See In School


This is a very tongue-in-cheek article that is to be taken very lightly. After all, we all have been at least one of these students during our school life or have students like these in class. 😉

Portrait of a smug student

Portrait of a smug student

The Smug Student Who Always Scores Above 90% – There is always that one student who scores above 90% without fail and you wonder how they manage to do so. They are just like any other but when it comes to exams or tests or assignments, their marks are always unfailingly high. They are perfect in every way that matter but they always vaguely irritate you and you can never pinpoint the reason why.

Portrait of a little chatterbox

Portrait of a little chatterbox

The Student Who Just  Can’t Stop Talking – No matter how many times you send this student outside of class, they are just as chatty as ever and they also have the gift of making the others around them talk whether they like it or not.

They do test your patience but at the end of the day, you consider them an integral part of your class because without them, the class seems so quiet!

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Portrait of a slumbering student

The Student Who Sleeps At The Front Desk – You always expect the backbenchers to be the ones to nod off at their desk because of the stereotypes associated with them, but rather than the backbenchers, it is the front benchers you need to look out for, because as you teach, they  have a tendency to nod off right under your nose!

Looking at them while teaching can be a very disheartening thing ( because you are not that boring) so you tend to ignore them or sometimes boot them out of class or even scare them out of their deep slumber!

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Portrait a day-dreaming student

The Backbencher Who Is Away In A World Of Their Own – The moment you enter class and begin teaching, you can see a few students right at the back quietly check out of the classroom and wander away into a world of their own.

You do try to pull them up sometimes, but as long as they are not disrupting the class and still turning in homework and doing okay on exams, you are fine with them.


Portrait of a silent student

The Student Who Seems To Have Taken A Mute Oath – For every student who chatters incessantly, there is the student who you imagine must have a voice but have never heard it even once during class. Perhaps they are shy, perhaps they are introverted or perhaps they just don’t like talking. You do know that when these students do speak, it’s finally because they feel they have something of value to say.

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Portrait of a class-clown

The Class Clown Who Won’t Quit – Every class has one class clown who always crack jokes, makes students laugh and occasionally makes you laugh too. But since you must maintain a stoic façade and not let them know that they have affected you in anyway, you reprimand them and later laugh about it in the confines of the staffroom.

You also can’t help but have a soft spot for students like these who enliven your classroom and manage to get all your other students to crack a smile too.

The Smart Aleck Who Only Does The Bare Minimum – You definitely know of a few students to whom the

Portrait of an unethusiastic smart-aleck

Portrait of an unethusiastic smart-aleck

term ‘brilliant but lazy’ applies to perfectly. These students are smart and bright. You know it because you have seen them in action. But they are also terribly lazy and don’t want to apply themselves. They exasperate you to no end because it is such a waste of a good brain.


Portrait of a class bully

The Class Bully – Every class has one class bully who when you are not looking, decides to trouble others in the class, usually others who look timid and small and cannot fight back.

Some of these children don’t have a very happy home life and you know there is a reason behind their behaviour, though that does not excuse it, you know why they do it ( the answer is so that they can have some measure of control in their lives). Some children bully others for the sheer (sadistic) pleasure of it and it is these children who bug you the most. You always keep looking for ways to catch them but they are clever enough that they know they need to stay under the radar.

The Enthu-Cutlet – You ask the whole class a question, but there is always one student whose hand

Portrait of an enthu-cutlet

Portrait of an enthu-cutlet

is eagerly raised.It is not that you don’t admire their enthusiasm. You just wish others would have their enthusiasm too. And that they would also give others a chance.

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Portrait of a cry-baby

The Crybaby – When anything happens, you look with dread towards that one student who never fails to burst into copious tears as if somebody just murdered their pet.

Whatever the reason may be, the cry baby never fails to cry like their heart is breaking, thereby making you and the other students tread on eggshells around them.

If’ve missed out on any particular types of students, do fill in the blanks and share your suggestions with us in the comments section below!


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