10 Tips For Teachers To Earn Their Principal’s Trust


Building a trustworthy relationship with the principal of his/her school is very important for a teacher. It has a direct impact on the performance and progress of the students they teach. Here are few suggestions from some experienced teachers & principals on how teachers can earn their principals’ trust.

1. Be Organized

Principals trust teachers who are organized. Keep your desk in the staff room clutter free and organized, this allows you to accomplish more tasks in less time and minimizes confusion and frustration.


2. Be Professional

Principals usually trust teachers who exhibit professionalism. Behaving professionally refers to the way you treat yourself and your colleagues.

tajmahalBehave well with your students and their parents. Principals trust teachers who collaborate well with others.

3. Be A Leader

Leadership can mean taking initiative in filling an area. You should demonstrate your leadership qualities whenever required, may be school development policies or student improvement.

donYou may also act as mentor for teachers having certain weaknesses. Principals trust teachers who are leaders instead of followers.

4. Have A Positive Attitude

Maintain a positive attitude and be cheerful when you come to school. There are definite rough days and sometimes it is difficult to keep a positive approach.

yaayyyPrincipals trust teachers who love their job and are excited about coming to work each day.

5. Don’t Be Demanding

You should realize that the principal is responsible for every teacher and student in the school. A good principal will not ignore a request for help.


Teachers must be patient with their principals and try to understand them. Principals trust teachers who understand that their time is valuable.

6. Be Dependable

Principals expect their teachers to follow all the reporting and departure policies of school. They trust teachers who are highly dependable.


7. Seek Out Advice

Teachers can get a suggestions and clarification from their principal on any school issue. Principals trust teachers who seek their advice and implement their suggestions in their classroom.


8. Show Your Desire To Improve


Demonstrate your desire to improve yourself. Every principal will trust a teacher who actually wants to improve himself/ herself and go ahead in their career. Participate in multiple teacher development programs and try to implement the ideas you learn from the programs in your classroom.

9. When Given A Task Complete It On Time

Punctuality and timeliness are two very important values every teacher should have. Particularly, when your principal assigns you a task, give your maximum effort and complete it before deadline.


Principals trust teachers who value the time of principals and complete given tasks on time.

10. Always Be Prepared

As a teacher you should come prepared everyday for your class. A principal trusts a teacher who has mastered over a subject before teaching it the class.

Before hand know the subject and topic you should teach in your classroom, prepare notes and be ready for your class.

And finally, do not forget to be yourself!


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