10 Things To Do On ‘Children’s Day’


A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice- but as yet unstained,” said Lyman Abbott a famous American author.

Each child is gifted and filled with enormous potential. All that is good and bright is attributed to children because of all the people on Earth, it is perhaps children alone who posses an endless capacity for imagination, love and intelligence.

It is no surprise that almost  all countries the world over celebrate Children’s Day, though the day on which children are celebrated tends to vary wildly from country to country.

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November, which also happens to be Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary. Nehru was very fond of children and believed them to be the future of the nation.

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated in schools all over the country. Usually, teachers tend to organize fun activities and game for their students and have them participate in them. Here are a list of things you can do to make this day special for your students.

shutterstock_129009647-[Converted]1. Surprise! Surprise! – Surprise Your Students With A Celebration In The Classroom

This idea works the best when you are the class teacher for a large number of students. Children always love surprises and celebrations. Take  a tasty cake to your classroom and surprise your students. Have your students cut the delicious cake and distribute it to each other.

2. Costume Magic! – Costume Party For Children’s Day

Usually, children like wearing dresses other than their regular school uniforms. So ask your students to wear the dress of their choice but tell them that the dress should represent a particular theme which will be set by you depending on the grade and age-group of your students. You  can ask younger children to wear dresses with animal images printed on them or any cshutterstock_73428925-[Converted]omic character costume and ask elder group of students to wear the costumes representing their favourite leaders.

3. Students As Teachers – Allow Students To Act As Teachers

Allow your students to be the teachers for the day. Ask them to teach, maintain discipline and creatively utilize their power as a teacher. Handling the responsibilities of a teacher helps students see their classroom from a different perspective, this task is both entertaining as well as educational.

shutterstock_145485448-[Converted]4. Theme Work – Decorate Your Classroom With Your Students

Talk to your students about ‘The Children’s Day’ and its importance. Then ask them to use their creative skills and decorate their classroom. Students will enjoy this task of working together and creating a brand-new theme for their classroom!

5. Pick Your Gift! – Give Your Students Gifts

Buy gifts for your students and arrange them in your classroom. Ask your students to pick one gift each. You can also distribute toffees to every student and watch their faces glow with happiness!

6.Help A Child – Make Your Students Contribute And Help Needy Students

Talk to your children about values like empathy, compassion, respect and tolerance. Make them contribute and help poor and needy students. Also let your students interact with quiet students in the classroom and make them feel comfortable.

shutterstock_1875357657.Know Your Rights – Ask The People From Various Child-Welfare Organizations To Conduct Campaigns

Take initiative and ask the volunteers from a child welfare organization to come to your school and conduct an awareness campaign. Ask them to talk about child rights and responsibilities. Ask them to teach your children about tips to protect themselves from predators.

8. Popcorn Time! – Screen A Film In Your Classroom

Another interesting thing to do on Children’s Day is to screen a film suitable for children in your classroom. Children get really excited about watching a movie with their friends!

9. Sharing Is Caring – Share A Fun Activity From Your Childhood

Talk to your students about your childhood experiences, particularly during your school. Share a fun activity from your childhood like elastics or knucklebones, or hunt down your own favourite early childhood book or movie and relive the fun with your students.

shutterstock_195349661 10. Entertainment Hour! – Make Your students Sing, Dance And Enjoy The Event

Ask your children to make a list of activities they’d like to do and the list of students who would like to perform them. Then have your students organize a classroom concert and a dance show. All students will love this part.

We hope you have a fun time carrying out these activities. Please do let us know how you celebrated Children’s Day at your school. We’d love to hear from you!

 We at The Teachers Digest would like to wish a very Happy Children’s Day to all the children out there!


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