10 Online Resources for Teachers


There are plenty of great resources out there on the internet. However, to find those resources, you often need to expend considerable time and energy. We’re going to make things a little easier for you.

Here are a selection of ten websites, which can help you within the classroom and even outside of it! To visit the websites in question, click on the headings, they should lead you straight to the website!

1 (229)1. Calm.com – Calm.com is a website which offers guided meditation tours for short periods of time. Why do teachers need this website? After a long day of teaching, wrangling students and correcting homework, you can go to calm.com and take a small meditation tour to calm yourself and also relax!

2. Free RiceFree rice is a fantastic website where, in the quest to gain knowledge, you can donate rice through the World Food Programme. For each answer you get right on the quiz, 10 grains of rice are donated. There are plenty of categories that you can take a quiz on and you can also utilize the application within the classroom!

3. Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg is an volunteer-run archive that is houses over 47,000 books that have been digitized and proofread by volunteers. You might not find the most current books there. However, you are sure to find plenty of classics there, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to introducing your students to various literary classics.

shutterstock_157945034-[Converted]4. CrafsterThis website has hundreds of DIY-craft ideas which can be utilized during the Arts period or even during any other subject period. All you have to do  is carefully sift through a pages worth of craft ideas to find the perfect craft for your students to do.

5. Any.do – Any.do is a lovely to-do list app that encourages productivity. Instead of logging onto a computer or checking your email to see all that you need to do for the day, you can simply swipe through your smartphone and set up your tasks and reminders.

6. Science for KidsThis website is a minefield of resources for any science teacher. Science for Kids has an exhaustive list of various scientific experiments that you can utilize within the classroom to demonstrate concepts or even carry out with your students – in the interest of science of course.;)

shutterstock_1920055767. Ted.ed – Ted.com has long been revered for the wonderful video talks its carries on topics, which range from health to science to education etc. Ted.com now has a website which is solely dedicated to a variety of educational concepts some of which are animated and some which are not. The quality of videos is such that most videos are complete lessons within themselves, well-thought out, well researched and very beautifully shot.

8. ScholasticScholastic has a wonderful set of resources, which have been created by teachers for teachers. The resources range from lesson plan, classroom management tips, learning activities, project activities etc.

9. VSauceAs far as interesting facts go, the YouTube channel VSauce has a number of interesting videos, which talk about facts that range from mundane facts that are interesting, but which you have no use for to facts that you can use to supplement lessons and spice them up.

shutterstock_18921936810. Teacher Tube –  Teacher Tube is video sharing website, similar to You Tube in that, users can post content their of their own and view content posted by others. However, Teacher Tube is different from YouTube in that, all the content that is posted there is solely educational and instructional and is intended for teachers!

We hope you found these websites useful! Are any gems we’ve missed out? If so, share them with us in the comments section below and tell us how useful they are to you!


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