10 Accurate Portrayals Of A Teacher’s Emotions


Being a teacher mostly means that your emotions don’t get a free rein. After all, its not nice to explode in front of your students or mouth-off to your superiors is it? So take solace in these gifs below, which try to accurately describe how you really feel during certain situations, to others.

1. When you catch students cheating/passing notes.

when i catch students cheating

2. When a student is about to be sick in class

When a student is about to vomit

3. When your favourite student does well on a exam/test

when your fav student does well
4. At a school meeting. You can’t help it really.

me at the teachers meet
5. At the end of each week. Teaching is great but its also exhausting.

at the end of each day
6. On the first day of school, after a vacation. Alarm clocks are necessary, but evil.

when my family tries to wake me
7. When students give you improbable excuses for not doing their homework.

When students dont shut up
8. When you have to deal with stress at school, stress at home, irritable students, irritable family and friends.

9. When you meet students, parents, teachers during the vacation/outside of school.

to students, parents and administration during summer vacation

10. When the school management pressurizes you and tries to increase your work load.

when students give me excuses


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